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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement official is tasked with maintaining the health, safety, welfare of the residents of Millstone Township while protecting property values.  Through fair and unbiased enforcement of the Township codes, ordinances and zoning requirements to keep the Township of Millstone an enviable place to live.  The Code Enforcement official works with citizens to solve and abate violations while protecting property, personal rights and freedoms.  Compliance is sought by warnings, written or verbal, Notice of Violations and when issues cannot be resolved by other means the issuance of court summons.  The Code Enforcement Officials do not cover issues related to moving vehicles, firearm discharge, hunting regulations, construction inspections or neighborly disputes.

The Office of Code Enforcement and Zoning are filled part time and share a phone line. Currently, office hours for the Code Enforcement Officers are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm.  The phone number is 732-917-2955.  Messages may be left on voice mail at any time.

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Town Hall • 470 Stage Coach Road • Millstone Township, NJ 08510 • 732-446-4249
Municipal Court • 215 Millstone Road • Millstone Township, NJ 08535 • 732-446-6219

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