Early Methodist meetings were held in the homes of the members. Circuit riders occasionally came to preach but it was David Bowman, a locally prominent businessman and devout Methodist who usually gave the sermons. In 1844 it was decided to erect a church, with Mr. Bowman spearheading the movement. A plot of land was donated by Charles Allen and construction of the frame began. When the deed for the donated land was received, members were concerned about a clause stating that if the land ceased to be used as a church, the land and building on it were to revert to the donor. As a result, the originally planned site was abandoned and David Bowman donated one acre of land for the church and a burial ground on Route 524 on the western edge of the Village of Clarksburg.

The building was dedicated on November 1, 1845. It was known as the Clarksburg Methodist Episcopal Church until 1958 when the name was changed to the Clarksburg Methodist Church, then in 1968 another change occurred and the name became The Clarksburg United Methodist Church. Mr. Bowman remained involved in church affairs until his death on March 1, 1874.

About the Project Author and Photographer

Ms. Kaitlyn Kohlhepp of Millstone Township, for her Girl Scout Gold Award Project, has prepared an archival record of the persons interred at the Clarksburg Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery. Photographing headstones, researching lineage and gathering much historic information, she has organized the material to share with the public.