Departments, Offices, Divisions

Department Department Head Responsibilities
Administration Kevin Abernethy  Administrator's Office
Municipal Clerk Kathleen Hart  Clerk's Office
Code Enforcement  Dan Specht  Code Enforcement
Construction  Scott D'Amico  Building
Emergency Services Brian Andrews  Emergency Services
 Emergency Management
 First Aid Squad
 Fire Company
Engineer  Matt Shafai  Township Engineer 
Finance  Anthony Mannino  Finance
Land Use  Danielle Sims  Agricultural Council
 Zoning Board of Adjustment
 Open Space and Farmland Preservation
 Planning Board
Municipal Court  Sonia Fernandez, CMCA   Court
Public Works  Dan Specht  Public Works
Recreation  Mike Fenlon  Recreation
Recycling  Dan Specht  Recycling
Tax Office  Robin Bucchi, Assessor
Elizabeth Kiernan, Collector
 Tax Office
Zoning Officer  Nick Procaccini  Zoning Office