Office of the Township Clerk

Kathleen Hart, Municipal Clerk, Ext. 1702

The Municipal Clerk has responsibilities required by New Jersey State Statutes which defines the Municipal Clerk's core duties as:  Secretary to the Governing Body and Municipal Corporation, Administrative and Licensing Officer, Election Administrator and Registrar of Voters and Custodian of Records.  Residents may seek guidance from the Office of the Clerk for various services.

This office is responsible for maintaining all minute records of the Township Committee proceedings; preserving and compiling the disposition of all ordinances and resolutions.  The Office of the Municipal Clerk has custody of all official books, papers and documents of the municipality on all matters to be considered by the Township Committee.   The Township Committee meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8:00 p.m., per the adopted meeting schedule, unless otherwise noted on the Current Agenda of the Township Committee. All meetings will be held at the Municipal Meeting Room, 215 Millstone Road, Perrineville, New Jersey, 08535.  Current Agenda of the Township Committee 

The Municipal Clerk issues the following licenses:

  • Mercantile (Business) License (must be renewed by January 1st of each year)
  • Food License (must be renewed by January 31st of each year)
  • Landlord Certificate of Registration - Each time a rental property changes ownership, either through sale or rental to a new tenant, a completed Landlord Identity Registration Statement, One and Two-Unit Dwelling Registration Form, should be filed with the Municipal Clerk’s Office and provided to the new tenant.   In addition, a certificate showing inspection of dwelling (see Building Department Application for 1 and 2 family dwellings) and Certificate of Insurance (yearly) is required.
  • Raffle and Bingo License  Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission
  • Peddlers, Canvassers, Solicitors License
  • License governed by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, including by not limited to: Liquor License; Ad-Interim Permit; Extension of Licensed Premises; Social Affairs Permit; and Catering Permit. (renewed annually by June 30th)
  • Dog License (Neutered/Spayed - $12.00; Non-neutered/Non-spayed - $15.00) with a late fee beginning May 1st of $10.00 per dog.   Dog License Application Form

Open Public Records Access Form/Copies of Official Documents

To request copies of records, please submit the form to the Municipal  Clerk's Office either by email or fax.  Click here for the Open Public Record Request Form.

The fees for copies of official documents for OPRA are as follows:

• .05 cents per page - 8 1/2 x 11
• .07 cents per page - 8 1/2 x 14 

Animal Control

Election Information

Marriage Licenses - Marriage Licenses are obtained through the Office of Vital Statistics located in the Clerk's Office. When coming in for a license both applicants and one witness must come in and file an application at least 72 hours prior to the ceremony.  Appointments are requiredClick here for Procedures on Applying for a Marriage License and Marriage Application.

Office of the Township Clerk
Phone 732-446-4249 Ext. 1702
Fax 609-208-2438
470 Stage Coach Road
Millstone Twp., NJ 08510