Land Use Department

Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible under state statute for preparing and adopting a Township Master Plan, for the review of any and all permitted land use development within Millstone Township, as well as review of Capital Improvements.

The Planning Board is charged with approving all subdivisions, site plans, planned development applications and conditional uses which conform to Township Land Use Ordinances. The Planning Board is also responsible for reviewing all ordinances proposed by the Township Committee that deal with land use, specifically Chapter 84 of the Township Code, as well Municipal Land Use Law, Chapter 291, Laws of N.J. 1975, 40:55D-1, et. Seq.

The Planning Board is made up of nine members and two alternate members who are all appointed by the Mayor. In addition, the Planning Board hires its own consultants at the beginning of each year when it reorganizes.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board of Adjustment conducts public hearings once a month to hear and decide upon applications for Zoning Code variances, appeals of the Zoning Officer's decisions, and interpretations of the Zoning Code. The Zoning Board is made up of seven regular and two alternate members all of whom are appointed by the Township Committee. In addition, the Zoning Board hires its own consultants at the beginning of each year when it reorganizes.

Individual homeowners may appear before the Zoning Board of Adjustment without legal counsel. Commercial applicants, however, are required to have legal representation. A Zoning Variance Application and checklist can be obtained from the Forms and Permits link below or by contacting the Zoning Board of Adjustment Secretary.

Open Space and Farmland Preservation

Agricultural Advisory Council


    1. COAH (Affordable Housing)
    2. Code Book
    3. Code Enforcement 
    4. Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan - December 16, 2020 
    5. Engineer
    6. Forms and Permits 
    7. Master Plan 
    8. Monmouth County Planning Department 2022 At-A-Glance
    9. Monmouth County Farmland Preservation Plan - September 19, 2022
    10. Planning Board 
    11. Stormwater Management 
    12. Tax Maps 
    13. Tree Removal Permit per ยง35-11-25 (see Zoning Department) 
    14. Zoning Board of Adjustment 
    15. Zoning Map 
    16. Zoning Department
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