Recycling Materials

Reuse and Donation Organizations List

Monmouth County Recycling - Household Hazardous Waste and other materials

Type Acceptable Items Non-Acceptable Items
(Material may be flattened)
Beverage Cans
(aluminum only)
Foil, Foil Trays, Pie plates,
Siding, Lawn Chairs,
Screen Frames
Tin & Bi-metal
(Material may be flattened)
Predominately Food Cans Aerosol, Paint Cans
Pourable Plastic
(Material may be flattened)
Soda & Vegetable oil
Containers, (PET, #1)
Milk, Water, Juice,
Detergent Containers
(HDPE, #2), yogurt, sour cream,
margarine and bottle caps (PP, #5)
Oil, Antifreeze, Ice Cream,
 Paint & Thinner Containers,
Deli Product Packaging
(DO NOT Break)
Clear, Green, Brown
Colored; Beverage
Bottles, & Jars
Light Bulbs, Mirrors,
Household Glassware,
Ceramics, Window Glass
Items above may be co-mingled. [ Placed in the same recycling container(s) ]
The present black recycling buckets or a container not to exceed thirty-two gallons may be placed at curbside on recycling days. Remember to rinse containers. Labels may be left on containers.  Caps are to be left on containers.
 * Newspaper/Magazines  News print type
(daily, weekly, inserts); Coated
Paper Type (catalogues)
Shredded Paper
 * Mixed Office Paper  Letterhead, colored and white paper,
junk mail, soft cover books
Shredded Paper
 * Corrugated Cardboard
(Material MUST be flattened and tied 3’x3’)
 Packing Box Type (Brown craft board),
cereal boxes, shirt, gift boxes
 Egg Cartons, Pizza Boxes,
Food Wrappers, Paper Cups/Plates,
Hard Cover Books (unless
cover/spine are removed),
Products Used for Food or Personal Hygiene
   Note: * (bundled separately and cross-tied no more than ( 10 ) ten inches high) & placed curbside on scheduled recycling days or at drop off sites near Municipal Garage or Community Center.

 Automotive and Button Cell Batteries, Antifreeze, Motor Oil:  Drop off site-Monmouth County Reclamation Center on Shafto Road in Tinton Falls. Questions or concerns please call the Monmouth County Reclamation Center at 732-683-8686.

Phone: 732-446-4249, Ext. 1501 or 1503
899 Perrineville Road
Millstone Township, NJ 08510

Recycling missed pick-up:
Call Interstate Waste Services
at 1-866-342-5497

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